Frequently Asked Questions


1 Question: Can we come see your dogs, puppies, and facility?
Pawprint Icon, Question 1 Answer: Due to communicable diseases, we only allow visitors who have placed an adoption deposit to secure a puppy. This is how we ensure you are serious about owning a puppy since parvovirus is a very contagious disease.
2 Question: Do you have any puppies available?
Pawprint Icon, Question 2 Answer: We breed all year round. Due to high demand, we recommend potential customers request to go on our active wait list. See wait list policy for more information.
3 Question: Can you send pictures of your dogs and/or puppies?
Pawprint Icon, Question 3 Answer: Customers on our active wait list are privy to pictures of puppies prior to us posting to the public. Due to SCAMS we do not personally furnish pictures of our adult dogs and/or puppies.
4 Question: What are your prices?
Pawprint Icon, Question 4 Answer: Puppies prices range from about $1,400.00 - $2,000.00.
(This excludes taxes and transaction fee)
5 Question: When can puppies go to thier new home?
Pawprint Icon, Question 5 Answer: Puppies go home within 8 weeks of age unless you arrange for boarding. If you wish for us to keep your puppy past 8 weeks, there is a charge of $30 per day, which must be requested in advance.
6 Question: Do you vaccinate the puppies?
Pawprint Icon, Question 6 Answer: Our vet provides our puppies with a health exam and their first vaccination at approximately six-seven weeks of age. The next vaccination should be provided between 3-4 weeks later.
7 Question: What is the average size of your cockapoos?
Pawprint Icon, Question 7 Answer: The average size is about 11-14 inches in height, and 13-18 pounds in weight.
8 Question: Are there any differences in demeanor between a male or female puppy?
Pawprint Icon, Question 8 Answer: Our puppies are raised in an in-home environment and their temperaments and personality quality are both playful and good. Therefore, we say that any puppy's demeanor can in part depend on their nurturing environment.
9 Question: What is the advantage of a wait list fee?
Pawprint Icon, Question 9 Answer: You will be notified of upcoming litters prior to us publishing to the public. Your name will go on our waiting list in the order in which your deposit was received.
10 Question: Where are you located?
Pawprint Icon, Question 10 Answer: We are located in the Metro Atlanta area near the Mall of Georgia.

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