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Payment Information and Price Options


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Payment Options

Because our re-homing process is eight (8) weeks, you can choose from one of our two (2) payment options available to you for your convince. See details below.

First Option

Customer pays a deposit of 50 (%) percent of the purchase price plus 100% of the taxes. An additional 2% transaction fee will be added if the deposit is made by PayPal or credit card. (see acceptable forms of payment below). The remainder 50% (cash only) balance is due when puppy is picked up to be re-homed. If a customer paid the waiting list fee of $100.00, they will receive a credit on their final payment (this only applies to our perefered option one selection).

Second Option

We will accept 3 partial payments which will be equivalent to the total price plus tax and transaction fee divided by 3. The first payment
is due when you secure a pick of the litter. The second payment is due on viewing date (or when you view puppy). The last payment is due on pick up date (when puppy is ready to be re-homed). If a customer paid the waiting list fee of $100.00 and chooses to select payment option two, they will not receive a $100.00 credit on their final payment.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

We do not accept personal checks. Our preferred form of payment is cash. However, if cash is not available, we will accept secondary forms of payment options for deposits – PayPal credit card, debit card, Wire Transfer (Western Union, Money Gram) Cashier’s Check, and Money Order.

Our Price Information

ALL PRICES HAVE SALES TAX ALREADY INCLUDED. Our prices may vary and are usually set at the time a litter is born. Prices for first our generation already included sales tax and transaction fees. A required deposit can be up to 50% of the purchase price and will be listed below as one of the PayPal payment options. (Making a payment using PayPal is not the only method. However due to our first come first serve policy, it is the fastest means to securing a pick of a current litter.)  Included in our sales price is our re-homing and starter package, which includes a puppy, current vaccinations and CKC registration. 

Deposit Policy

Based on numerous requests from customers, we have updated our policy on our Puppy Reservation Deposit to the following:

  • All puppies are sold in the order of deposits received to hold them

Deposits (Prior to Scheduling an Appointment)

If we agree to accept a deposit after puppies are born, and prior to viewing, the following are the deposit requirements in order to hold the puppy until the agreed upon departure date:

  • When the buyer reserves his/her puppy with us, the buyer will be able to schedule an appointment to visit the chosen puppy. We cannot hold a puppy beyond the agreed-upon appointment date, and the buyer will forfeit the deposit.
  • The “Purchase Commitment” non-refundable deposit could be as much as 50% of the purchase price.
  • Payment Options: We do not accept personal checks. Acceptable forms of payment are - Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card (transaction charge will be added), Western Union, Money Gram, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order in overnight delivery to us. Since most regular mail can be slow, it is recommended to send a reservation deposit via Priority Mail or UPS.

Deposits (Upon Viewing)

  • When buyers reserve puppies with us, we take it seriously, and all other interested parties are then turned away from the buyer's reserved puppy.
  • The "Purchase Commitment" non-refundable deposit could be as much as 50% of the purchase price.

Refunds: (This applies after your first viewing.)

  • Deposits, as well as any additional funds, will not be refunded if the buyer changes his/her mind for ANY reason. For example: If the puppy's full purchase price has been paid and the purchaser decides that the puppy is not going to work for him/her for any reason, the full purchase price will NOT be refunded or transferred to a different puppy unless agreed to specifically by the breeder.
  • If for some reason, the puppy becomes fatally ill or dies prior to re-homing, your deposit reservation fee will be transferred to another available puppy of equal value. If there are no puppies available or not enough puppies in the current litter, you will be given a choice to pick from the next litter or a future litter of equal value.

If the puppy's value exceeds the previous litter's value, the remaining balance is due to the Seller by or before the puppy is 8 weeks of age.

Delayed Pick-up

There will be additional charges if puppy is not picked up on the date determined that the puppy is ready to go to your home. We will charge a Boarding fee of $30.00 per day. Additional vaccinations or treatments during the boarding period will be charged to buyer.


For our customers who are out-of-state, we now offer a safe way to transport puppies nationally at the buyer's expense. Shipping cost is not included in the price of the puppy (such as airfare, FDA-required vet exam, health certificate for flight, airline approved carrier, gas, miles, time to/from airport, and airport parking).

When we began breeding designer puppies, we decided that we would not ship until we did our research, and we're comfortable that we could provide our customers a way to transport our puppies safely and humanely, keeping their health and comfort in mind during the duration of the trip. After years of research in this area, we have tested and proven a method by going through the process for ourselves anonymously and were very pleased with the condition in which we have received our pets and the attention they have received from the airlines. Even though the puppies travel in the cargo area, it is pressurized at the same temperature as the passengers and receive the same air filter. In addition, the puppies are shipped in an airline-approved safety crate with food and water and are accompanied by the seller's documentation.

Our first preference is still for our customers to come and pick us up in person. However, for those who consider this to be way too costly or simply not possible, we now offer an alternative. Please note that during the months when temperatures exceed 85 degrees, shipping will not be available. Our price for shipping (in the US) is $400.00.

Price List




Payment Option 1:

Puppy Price
Stop REMINDER: All deposit payments are non-refundable

Payment Option 2:

Cocker Spaniel Option 2: (Select Price)
Stop REMINDER: All deposit payments are non-refundable

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