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A Loving Licensed Puppy Breeder in Dacula, GA

We a state licensed puppy breeder in Dacula, GA. When you choose from our puppies for sale, you are buying dogs that have been raised in a happy home, rather than a mill or shelter.

Tip of the Day:

Beware of Online Scams, Bad Breeders, and Puppy Mills.

We recommend that you do your research (on-line) before purchasing from a breeder that you are interested in getting a puppy from.

Attention: As a licensed puppy breeder, we support consumer education on purchasing puppies from bad breeders, puppy mills, and online scams. The following are a couple of research tools for your convenience:

• Go to Google and type: “ripoff.com Cockapoo breeders”
• TV Documentary by Netflix – (Dog by Dogs)

A Woman With a Cockapoo for Sale in Dacula, GA

To be Notified of future litters contact us at 
(855) 647-0770

Incredible Companions

Our current family of 5 female dogs breed about twice a year, so we could have a dozen or more pups running about our backyard at a time. These home-raised critters make great friends and are easily crate trained. At different times, we will offer poodle, cocker spaniel, and cockapoo puppies for sale.

Reasons People Buy Pets

In general, a puppy for sale from us is good for all facets of society, and we have sold to all segments. The following are some of the many reasons people say they bought a pet from us:

  • They make good birthday, Christmas, graduation (or other occasion) gifts.
  • Lost a pet (for any reason).
  • Good for grandparents and people who live alone or couples starting or thinking of starting a family.
  • Kids love them.
  • Pets are loving and very loyal.
  • They make good companions.
  • Have gone through a divorce.
Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Dacula, GA

 A Puppy Adoption Experience You’ll Never Forget  

   (For clarification purposes we are defining "Adoption" as something that is being purchased)

Breaking News

We Are Accepting Wait Deposits!

In response to COVID-19 we are taking precautionary measures  - we are suspending all on-sight visits.  Our Puppies and pets are raised in an in-home environment and are not exposed to the public. As a licensed puppy breeder, we accept a (nonrefundable) wait list fee for priority notification of future available litters.  As a form of payment we accept PayPal and credit/debit card transactions to secure a deposit due to limited available puppies in this litter. Please call first before attempting to place a deposit. Please choose ( Click Here)  Payment Option 1 :  Please read our  Deposit Policy on our Prices page. See our photos below of available puppies. As they continue to grow and develop updated photos will be posted periodically.

Last Update: 03/07/2024

A Vet With a Cockapoo for Sale in Dacula, GA
The Latest Litter Born

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(Blue eye Girl)

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Essay Winners of Facebook Free Puppy Giveaway

Wedding Day of Our Licensed Puppy Breeders in Dacula, GA The Archey Family are Licensed Puppy Breeders in Dacula, GA

My name Is Ali Gazaway and I would like to tell a little bit about myself and why I would love to win a new puppy this Christmas!

All of my life I have been an animal lover and quite frankly I’ve never been without a dog in my life. Growing up my dream dog has always been a cockapoo, but we could never afford one when I was growing up.

Fast forward to this year which is when I married my best friend, Cole on November 10th and we have our very own fixer upper that we remodeled ourselves. So much has been happening for the last few months leading up to the wedding, but now we’re married and finally moved into our little home.

The main reason I would love to win little cockapoo is because my husband is a firefighter and he works a 24 hour shift at least every third day and sometimes extra shifts. This leaves me at home by myself many nights and it can get lonely at times. I would ABSOLUTELY love if I won an addition to our family and have my own little best friend to have with me at home while my husband is at work.

 We are the Archey Family, we would love to take a new sweet baby into our family to love, and raise! We have one 2 year old little girl- who has been begging us for a puppy. This would make her have the best Christmas ever!

Children Playing With Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Dacula, GA

Price for active waiting list is located in our payment option one drop-down menu at the bottom of our Home page or Prices page. Only active wait list customers will be given detailed information of upcoming litters prior to notification published on our website to the public.

Future Litters

All year round we have a number of females showing signs of mating.  As always, customers who are on our waiting list will have the first chance to get a pick from the litter before we publish information live. We ask all potential customers to be patient, as our method of caring for our parent dogs may take a little longer than some, but the end result has proven to us to be worth the wait.

Our Location In Georgia

We are located in Gwinnett County near the Mall of Georgia. If you are coming from a long distance, you may want to visit the largest Mall in GA while you are in the area. Mall of Georgia Info


Puppy Price

To find out when we are expecting our next litter of cockapoos, contact us in Dacula, Georgia, (map) today.Stop
REMINDER: All deposit payments are non-refundable


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